Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Arithmetic Village

Ok, I love the new site but it's not the same as a blog and I feel the need to blog right now.  :-)

Many of you may be unaware (due to my lack of blog posts these last couple of months) that we are adding some Waldorf elements to our homeschool day.  You may be aware that Noble Knights of Knowledge has been one of our favorite math programs so far, and also that it has been discontinued.  So unless you are lucky enough to stumble across a used copy for sale you are out of luck. 

Join Me at Arithmetic Village!

I just read a message board post that mentioned Arithmetic Village and I think these books might be just the thing to add to our homeschooling!  I'm so excited I feel like I could burst.  LOL  Sad, I know, the things I get excited over these days.  Unfortunately, with the holidays upon us and only one income we're going to have to wait to order them.  However, I promise that I will be ordering them as soon as I have the money!   (Assuming nobody buys them for me for Christmas....they are at the top of my list, but everyone generally insists on buying things for me, not for homeschool.....bah, humbug!)  Cori at Wonder in the Woods has already done a review, but I would love to know what other people think.  If you've used these books, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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