Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning Centers

A post on The Well Trained Mind forums prompted me to take a couple of pictures of some of the learning centers that we have set up.

Geography Center 
 Maps, LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe, a basket full of maps, and geography books, puzzle maps

Math Center
Right next to the geography center are our drawers full of math manipulatives and activities, 
math games, living math books, math puzzles, calendar, and meter stick.

Science Center

Science encyclopedias, books, planet model, human body poster, a basket full of field guides and parrot feathers, the top of the cabinet holds experiment kits, the top of the filing cabinet holds a rock kit and human body puzzle and shells, a plant to the left of the filing cabinet for them to observe and care for.  
The Martian Matter isn't supposed to be there on top of the animal encyclopedia! lol


Angela said...

I love it! I'm inspired to pull our homeschool stuff together more cohesively now. I love your geography and math centers, etc...


Jessica said...

Thanks Angela!