Friday, October 2, 2009

Ancient Egypt

It's nearly time for us to study Ancient Egypt.  I'm gathering resources to use right now.  The problem isn't finding activities, it's limiting them because I've found sooooooo much!

PASS World History Part 1 - Early Civilizations in Ancient Egypt  Part A  Part B free pdf text

My newest find came this afternoon in a Playmobil newsletter.  Did you know that Playmobil now has an online game called The Nile Game?  They also have a little movie titled The Magic Key.  Scroll around the screen to find the links to them, for some reason I cannot link directly to them.  The Nile Game is on the ship and The Magic Key is in the pyramid.  There are other things like an Activity Sheet, which appears to be a printable coloring page, and a Quiz!  My boys are going to be so excited!

We'll also be using Minnesota State University's Ancient Egyptian Culture page along with library books and books we already own.

ThinkQuest Ancient Egypt is not to be missed! ThinkQuest is an amazing resource!

Video Resources
~The are some History of Egypt videos on YouTube that we will be utilizing.
~And maybe the BBC documentary Pyramids - How They Were Built (also at YouTube.)
~And the National Geographic Tools For Adventure: Explore A Pyramid activity
~We will definitely use the Horrible Histories video (another YouTube one) called The Mummy Song.  My kids love the Horrible Histories!

Lapbook/Notebook Resources
~Homeschool Share Ancient Egypt Unit Study and Lapbook

Coloring Pages
~Kids-n-Fun Ancient Egypt coloring pages

I'll update with more links as I find them.

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