Friday, October 23, 2009

Noble Knights of Knowledge

I need to win the lottery!  I re-discovered a math program named Noble Knights of Knowledge that I read about a couple of years ago, when Nik was far too young to think about math curricula, and I NEED it!  :-)

Seriously, I think Nik would love it, considering he enjoys math and is all about knights these days.  I printed a couple of the sample pages so I can try it out, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be saving my pennies so we can buy this program to supplement the MEP program we're using as our main math curricula.

I would love to hear you review if you have used the program.

ETA~ I finally found a used copy and Nik LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it!!!  I really wish they were still selling this program.  If you have a child who is into everything story-based and resists "regular" math, do try to get your hands on a used copy of this program!

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