Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Plan for American History

ETA ~ My history-loving son has begged me to do history 5 days a week, so the following plans are changing.  I'm going to go ahead and do American History as a separate course alongside our world history course.  I will still be using the listed resources, just in a different timeframe.  I'll try to link to the updated plans when I get them posted.

I've gone around and around trying to figure out how I want to do American History.  I think I'm going to pick a plan and stick with it so I don't drive myself to drink.  I believe that it's important to know the history of our country in-depth, but I also think that learning our history in context with that of the rest of the world is important.  So I'm going to continue to use The Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer for world history but interject extra studies in chapters when American history topics arise. 

I'll be pulling book ideas from the Winter Promise Early American History, Living Books Curriculum, and Sonlight book lists, as well as using CoreKnowledge Lesson Plans.

What follows are my plans for second through fourth grades.  Grade 1 is the study of ancient world history, so American history doesn't really factor in.  We've already read some books and had a few lessons on Vikings and Native Americans, but I'm going to back off for now and wait until next year to really dig in.  Some SOTW chapters are missing from the list.  I don't have all of the books in front of me, so I'm not positive what the topic is for all of the chapters yet.
Grade 2 ~ The Middle Ages (Pre-colonial and Colonial American)
Chapter 14: The Arrival of the Norsemen (SOTW2) 
                 Vikings  (link to a blog post of mine)
Chapter 31: Exploring New Worlds (SOTW2)
Chapter 32: The American Kingdoms (SOTW2)
Chapter 33: Spain, Portugal, and the New World (SOTW2)
                 Explorers (link to a blog post of mine)
                 Travel to Mesoamerica pdf (CK Lesson Plans)
                 Columbus and the Conquistadors pdf (CK Lesson Plans)
Chapter 40: New Ventures to the Americas (SOTW2)
                 Thirteen Colonies (link to a blog post of mine)
                 Land Ho!  Early Exploration and Settlement of the Americas pdf (CK Lesson Plans)
Grade 3 ~ Early Modern Times (Birth of a Nation )
Hero Tales From American History by Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt
Chapter 22: Revolution! (SOTW3)
                 The American Revolution and Its Heroes pdf (CK Lesson Plans) 
Chapter 23: The New Country (SOTW3)
Chapter 32: The Opened West (SOTW3)
                   Go West Young Man! pdf (CK Lesson Plans)
Chapter 33: The End of Napoleon (SOTW3)
                   Oh, Say Can You See and Learn About the War of 1812? pdf (CK Lesson Plans)               
Chapter 36: The Slave Trade Ends (SOTW3)
Chapter 38: American Tragedies (SOTW3)   
Chapter 40: Mexico and Her Neighbor (SOTW3)
Chapter 42: The World of Forty-Nine (SOTW3)

Grade 4 ~ The Modern Age 
Hero Tales From American History by Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt
Chapter 5: The American Civil War (SOTW4)
                 A Nation Divided pdf Civil War (CK Lesson Plans)
Chapter 20: Revolution In the Americas … War In the World (WWI)
Chapter 21: A Revolution Begins, and the Great War Ends (WWI)
Chapter 26: The Great Crash, and What Came of It
Chapter 28: The Second World War
Chapter 29: The End of World War II
Chapter 35: The Cold War
Chapter 36: Struggles and Assassinations
Chapter 37: Two Short Wars and One Long One
Chapter 42: The End of the Twentieth Century

American Government

I have found a free online resource, found at the PASS Website and in pdf format, that could be used for a spine for American History, but I'm still exploring it to see if it is age appropriate for the elementary years.  So far it looks like a better choice for middle school, and we already have Joy Hakim's A History of US on the shelf. 

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