Friday, January 1, 2010

Chemistry Science Links

I'm trying to organize my internet bookmarks and I decided to take the opportunity to post some of the links that I have collected.  I haven't checked out all of these sites, so forgive me if anything sneaks through that shouldn't have.  This list will be updated periodically (hehehehe) as I find new sites to share.

Chemistry Science Links
PopSci Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
The Periodic Table of Videos from The University of Nottingham
Home Science Tools: Chemistry Science Projects
Chemical & Engineering News: The Chemistry Behind Everyday Products
Journal of Chemical Education: Chemistry Comes Alive!
Chemical Jigsaw Puzzle
Food & Science: The Chemistry of Cooking
The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Royal Society of Chemistry: Visual Elements Periodic Table
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
ChemiCool Periodic Table

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