Monday, January 4, 2010

Paper Dolls

My boys adore paper dolls.  I am constantly looking for free paper dolls online.  They love to re-enact scenes from stories we read, and I love seeing that they are absorbing the material.  But I really don't like all of the ink that it takes me to print them, and considering I'm still using an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer this can be an expensive project!  I don't know why it never occurred to me to see what Dover Publications offers in the way of historical paper dolls.  Check these out.....

American Family Paper Dolls
Byzantine Costumes Paper Dolls
Ancient Greek Costumes Paper Dolls
Medieval Costumes Paper Dolls
Russian Imperial Costumes Paper Dolls
Gothic Costumes Paper Dolls
Japanese Warrior Costumes Paper Dolls
Traditional African Costumes Paper Dolls
Victorian Family Paper Dolls
Mumtaz of the Taj Mahal Paper Dolls

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